“I work in La Barca because it’s a project which allows young people the possibility to continue their studies. In addition, it not only provides school help, but also gives them help when they are going through hard situations”
Milagros / English teacher

We want our young people to have a chance.

In La Barca we have a main goal: we provide attention and assistance to the young who live an unfavourable socioeconomical situation, giving them a place where they can feel supported and loved, with school help, lunch and afternoon snack, access to consultation material and personalised accompaniment so they can finish high school and continue with their higher education.

Inspired by the Benedictine community’s principles – which joined us since its beginning – we drive an initiative to consolidate solidarity, community, respect, responsibility and commitment as the powerhouses of the community life.

The organisation’s activities are developed in cooperation with the families and institutions which have connections with our young people.

In 2003, we decided to define the organisation to provide it with a legal and judicial framework to our activities, especially to the social educational project and to other which may appear in the future.

We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals and volunteers who work for the young people assistance in cooperation with their families and the institutions they are related to.

Management Commission
Natalia Gallazzi
Sergio De Suto Nagy
Marcelo Lafont
María Rosa Sorol
Juan Manuel Negro
Enrique Gallazzi
Leticia Vita
Nicolás Magliola
Giselle Ugartemendía

General coordinator
María Alejandra Pollak

Resource Development Area
Mariana Carbó

Educational Team

A team of teachers and volunteers accompanies the young people, also working in collaboration with their families and with the institutions with which they are related.

Supporting areas

Educational psychologist
Matilde Jáuregui

Ana Mansilla

Cecilia Acuña (volunteer)

Accounts department
Sebastián Palacio (volunteer)

We thank Miriam López Villarán for the English translation.

Our history



La Barca was born in Santa María Magdalena Church, Florida, Vicente López.



Our community made contact with the Benedictine congregation. Thanks to P. Pedro Alurralde, P. Enrique Contreras (the Abbot of the monastery of Los Toldos) accepted to join us in this initiative and be our guide.



2nd October, we introduced our project to Monsignor Casaretto, San Isidro bishop, who received the proposal with interest and encouraged us to move forward with it.



We formalised the creation of La Barca Civil Organisation to provide our activities with a legal and judicial framework.



La Barca rented a building in Munro, Vicente López, where the project was started.



We relocated to our first own headquarters in Munro.



We opened the doors of our second headquarters in Don Torcuato.