We want each of our kids to discover their abilities and personal qualities
to promote their full development.

The project

For La Barca, education is a right and a necessity.

Education provides the tools for growth and economical and personal gratification and it contributes to produce a greater upwards mobility.

La Barca gives the necessary means so that teenagers of marginal sectors can have access to secondary and higher education.

“They always encouraged us, gave us strength, motivated us, pampered us. The truth is that the project is very good. Without La Barca I wouldn’t have finished secondary school, no way, because I was too lazy. They knew very well how to guide us, and we are very grateful.”
Leandro - graduate

“Not only is La Barca a place of support, but it’s also a family that never ends, a house full of surprises where, like in every house, there are problems, tears and arguments. We also have happy moments, joys, and we can share talks and games.”
Héctor - student

Challenges to be more and reach more.

Our vision is based on a series of specific goals that we are decided to reach to give continuity and keep consolidating the project:

To increase the number of beneficiaries

To add more volunteers giving the resources for their service vocation development

To stimulate talents and the abilities of the team so they can have a constant progress

To expand our infrastructure: more equipment for more young people

To recreate the experience in other areas, with new headquarters for the project

“La Barca, or El Apoyo (The support) as we all call it, it’s not only a place to strengthen the study. It’s much more, it’s also a “support” so that each of us can grow from the communicative aspect, respect, order, and above all, a support to educate us as individuals. It changes your life and opens your mind.”
Javier – student