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After all these years, we keep growing and strengthening our project, gaining experience every day while appreciating our successes and learning from our mistakes. And all that with the support of every one of our youngsters, their families and those who take part in the organisation and those who worked on it in the past. Thanks to all the people who came to help, with their proposals, accompaniment and their constant prayers and fidelity.

We keep dreaming all together knowing that, working hand in hand, what in 2003 was a small dream, we have done it and it has become true.

“With more people supporting the project, this will continue growing so more kids could have benefits for their progress, regarding not only the intellectual but also the labour and the personal aspects. This team made themselves stronger, and all those who ended the secondary school know all the efforts they made to ensure our wellbeing and never give up on us. I’m really grateful for that, because they never gave up on me and today, thanks to that, now I can say that I’m on track”
Ricardo – graduate


Please credit by swift addressed to:
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Account number: 3544034620001 – BSCHARBA - Banco Santander R fo S.A.
• In favour of (full beneficiary's name - Field 59) ASOCIACION CIVIL LA BARCA CUIT 30708706872
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There are many ways to join La Barca and help:


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