What do we do in La Barca?

We provide the necessary means so that teenagers from marginal sectors can have access to secondary and higher education.
We offer them:

  • Educational assistance in all the curricular areas.
  • Textbooks, reading books and school equipment.
  • We have a library and a computer room, so they can have access to information (consultation material, graphics and computing material).
  • Daily lunch and afternoon snack.
  • A personalised monitoring for each of our kids and a support area, as well as psychological treatment in case of being necessary.
  • Personalised accompaniment for the young people who have finished the secondary school, in the pedagogical sphere as well as in their employability and personal growth.

“La Barca is a place where they help to study, to think better and to be a better person, surrounded by good people.”
Lucas C. / student

“Not only is it a place where they support us with the study, they also share moments with you and help you at all times. Because they are there to make you laugh and to give you a hug when you need it the most.”
Melanie / student

They need from each of us.